Photo taken by Jeannette Rose, or Jennya 21-year-old english major at a university in Massachusetts. She is interested in feminism, literature, and collecting assortments of tea. She suffers from various mental illnesses – depression and anxiety being the major ones – and then ADD which she finds more frustrating than anything else.

About this photo: “I’ve been doing a lot more semi-nudes over the last few years. It’s not as easy as it looks. I literally spend hours looking for a spot where I’m sure nobody will walk by. It sort of freaks me out, but immediately after I always feel like I accomplished something big.It’s rewarding I guess.

It’s funny because this is before I got my tattoos (I have a grapevine on my shoulder, and roses on my lowerback/hip area). I really like tattoos that are earthy and fit the curve/shape of the body. This was sort of spur of the moment. Sometimes my ideas just come out of nowhere.  I would definitely encourage all artist… or anyone for that matter: if you get an idea, or if you’re inspired… just go for it! Make art!” 


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