A Delicate Trust

Photo taken by a woman in Florida who suffers from regular bouts of depression. She works hard to manage her constantly unsteady moods.

About this photo: “Trust is something I have always had trouble with. Trusting others… trusting myself. I have been known to get a bit paranoid and think people are against me, which makes it nearly impossible to let people in — be it family, friends, doctors, anyone. I understand now that it is at least partly due to my illness, and perhaps my history – having been bullied growing up – but it doesn’t help the thoughts from creeping in. 

One day I randomly looked up, and the word “trust” was written across a most beautiful blue sky. I’m not sure why it was there, but it spoke to me. Trust is a delicate thing, especially when you are trying to stay balanced, just as this word was so delicately written across the sky. I knew that the slightest thing could make the “trust” disappear, however, it’s mere presence was encouraging. I know I must get better at trusting if I am going to heal, and this was a very clear sign!”


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8 thoughts on “A Delicate Trust

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  1. Thought provoking words for the picture. I just heard, after quite a while, from one of my family members who suffers from depression. He’s been having a down period and told me that another family member, from whom I’ve had no responses for several months, has also been on a down. The second used to be keen on photography, the first not over so. But I’m going to suggest to both of them that they look at this blog and perhaps get involved – I’m sure it would help.


  2. I think I know why you found “Trust”. God wants you to know you can trust Him to help you through anything. If you are hearing this for the 1st time, it may sound corny as it did the 1st time someone said something similar to me, but I kept at it and I am better for having a relationship with God. If you want, you can read Joyce Meyer’s books. Real, no “preachy” or legalistic stuff. I think even if you were of another faith you could get something from her outlook. That must have been really awesome to look up there and see! I love when stuff like that happens. Happy Holidays!


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