Looking Through

windowPhoto taken by Malgorzata, or Margaret to some, a 28-year-old woman from Warsaw, Poland. In her own words: “Amateur photographer. Maybe someday turns hobby into a work. Stuck between two countries, Poland and Ireland. My connection to mental health issue? – I never said it public but I had neurosis. Something about 2 years ago I was not in good mental shape. Stress, low sense of self-worth, problems with sleeping, irritability. Medical treatment took one year. Am I healthy now? I don’t know. I know that I feel good, feel stronger and that is most important.”

About this photo: “Look through the window… What do you see?… Garden? Road? Sun? Sky? Other bulidings? Nevermind, there is always something.
Why this pic? – Because, I like it. U r looking on it and wondering how it’s made. Simple. There was old, empty house. Because it was empty u can see second window through the first one. Buildings behind me and windows in front of me. Play of light. Pic was taking in Ireland, small town named Kells.”


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