Photographic Surreal Impressionism

Photo taken by Taylor J. a 27-year-old contemporary photographic artist located near Nashville, Tennessee. Originally a commercial photographer he became unfulfilled by his work and decided drop everything and pursue a career in the fine arts. After some time shooting nature and urban scenes Taylor again felt unsatisfied by his work. Wanting to create photographs that where truly expressive he decided to do something completely different with photography. Taylor began exploring new photographic methods to allow himself more freedom with the camera. This has ultimately resulted in the development of a distinct style of work he calls Photographic Surreal Impressionism. The images are completely photographic in nature created using various techniques which Taylor has developed through his own trial and error. There is no digital manipulation nor the use of any other medium involved in the production of his photographs. It very important to Taylor that he create his photos honestly as he believes it gives his work a more organic feel and sense of integrity.

About this photo: I call this photo ‘Tracey did I lock the door, are you sure?’ In my teens I was placed in a mental institution for various reasons. I was in a dark place and I began to revert to my instinct to create art. I began to fill notebook after notebook with drawings. It was at this point in my life that my passion for making art transformed from being just a hobby to becoming an outlet or coping devise. I learned to use the freedom of art making to embrace my surrounds and made it a way of life. I still have those notebooks and I use them to this day for inspiration” 


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