Over the Rainbow

Photo taken by a woman who suffers from major depressive disorder and anxiety. Photography is something she has played with for many years, and now after years of fighting it, she is trying to teach herself the art of post production. It has been challenging, but she is actually starting to really enjoy the creativity and craft of it.

About this photo: “I took this photograph of my little dreamer a few weeks ago on my birthday. Usually my birthday is a difficult day emotionally and this year was no exception, but seeing her in her blue dress and sparkly red “slippers” made me smile again and again. Then hearing her sing… “somewhere over the rainbow, waaay up PIE,” just made me melt (but hopefully not because I am a witch). I am just so thankful for her and the way that she is. I only hope she can stay like Dorothy — dreaming big, and continuing to believe she can do anything — and I will continue to try and be more like my little Dorothy — imaginative, expressive, and tenacious!”


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