Photo taken by Thirdeyemom, who experienced severe postpartum depression after the birth of her first child. It was a terrifying, isolating experience for her, which included terrible insomnia and hallucinations. Thankfully with the help of doctors and family, one week after her son’s first birthday she was able to board a plane to South Africa, resuming her love of travel. Through traveling, writing, and photography she began to see the beauty of the world again.

About this photo: “I love my Lake Harriet. I have found that the best way to beat the blues is to be outside surrounded by beauty, year-round. Even during the coldest days of winter, I bundle up and run around my beloved Lake Harriet which is only a mere five blocks away from my home. In summertime, the lake is abound with activity. There are runners, walkers, bikers and boaters. I always love the sailboats. Each one is unique and has a name. I took this photo in September as the days grew shorter and cast golden hues of sunlight on the lake. I love the reflections of the masts against the still lake. Breathtaking.“


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12 thoughts on “Reflection

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  1. Nature has always been a restorative for me. When we lived near the beach I used to bundle up and walk along the shore in winter. Now that we live in the desert, I go to the mountains. Thank you for your photo and words. I was usually (jokingly, I believe) labeled as crazy for strolling along the beach in December. It’s reassuring to know that I was not the crazy one but the people who locked themselves up in their homes in front of their tv’s were the crazy ones!


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