Photo taken by a woman who suffers from depression, anxiety, and panic disorder. She is a wife and mother who enjoys capturing her reality through photos. She finds pleasure in all types of photography, including documentary style, portrait, long exposure, and abstract. She especially loves photographing kids and animals.

About this photo: “I took this photograph of a good friend’s son trying to walk in her shoes. I like it because not only is it cute, but his perseverance was inspiring. The little guy could barely walk on his own, but was trying so hard to be like his mama. He kept falling down, but every time he fell he got right back up again. Nothing seemed to phase him. I wish I could be like that — bouncing back after every fall, but life has pushed me down too many times and each time I get up it is harder and harder. Some day I wish to be like this little miracle, full of limitless wonder and determination.


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