Photo taken by Princess of Tides, a 24-year-old woman from the UK. She is studying for a PhD in Psychology, which she finds to be a bit ironic since she had her first therapist at the age of 15, and was officially diagnosed with depression at the age of 22. Some therapists also believe she suffers from PTSD. Three more therapists and one stay at a psychiatric hospital later, she is beginning to feel cautiously optimistic. After years of self harm, she now considers herself harm-free. She believes that recovery is a process, it is not something that happens to you from one day to the next.

About this photo: “This picture was a snapshot I took while working for a charity that provides children in need with a free holiday by the seaside. We were looking after about 30 kids at a time, so I don’t really now how this shot came about with only her in the frame. It reminds me of my inner child.


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7 thoughts on “Alone

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  1. A picture really is worth a thousand words. I identify with the girl in the picture. Lonely, but not afraid to face the wind & waves. I have found that getting back in touch with Christianity has helped me immensely; putting emotions and questions in perspective. It helps me to know we have a loving God who is in charge of all & will make sense one day of all the madness (confusion) in the world. Congratulations on helping others.


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