Haunting Beauty

Photos taken by Anastasia, a 25-year-old Greek architect who has lived in Athens, Greece for the past 7 years. Photography has become her way to preserve moments and enhance memory. Through her projects she strives to awaken feelings that nourish and expand imagination. Mental health issues, such as severe depression, have affected many people who she cares for deeply, including close family and friends, and it has influenced her a lot in the way she deals with situations in everyday life. She thinks that everyone’s story can be interpreted through imagery, and values highly visual stimuli that evoke nostalgia, or “emotional deja-vu.” She believes through this process someone can discover himself anew, readjust the past and move forward, explore and conquer or let go.

About these photos: “These photographs are from a series I call “Inhabit” that explores the theme of traveling back through emotions. It is a story unfolding in three parts: First part, Intrusionwhich includes these photos. The exploration begins. A spirit comes across a house, a trip down memory lane. Second part, Contemplation. The little spirit can’t decide if it should stay here or leave this empty shell… where to go? Enter part three, Escape. Things may end, things will go away. Faint footprints spirits leave, and to be captured can mean freedom when fragility forms strength.”


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