Fragile Web of the Mind

Photo taken by Ian, a 52-year-old Welsh rugby fan who was diagnosed with clinical depression 10 years ago and bipolar disorder. It has been a hard journey, with laughter, tears, and heartache, but the support of his wife and two children, 5 and 7 years old has helped keep him going. Ian feels he has gotten an unexpected gift from his depression, and that was self-taught photography. It was very difficult at first, but he kept working at it and learning until he developed an eye and technical skills. He started using photography to get out and have a purpose, and in difficult social situations. It has now become an important part of his life and helpful in his recovery. When he is pleased with the end product, his photos can give him a feeling of pride and make him feel less debilitated by his illness.

About this photo: “I took this web image when out walking. I looked at all the webs in the early morning dew and I thought how to photograph them with a twist, so I focused on the individual strands and water droplets. Like the human mind, they are so intricate and fragile.”


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13 thoughts on “Fragile Web of the Mind

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  1. i just came across your blog! very cool. i have bipolar disorder and have been trying to incorporate writing about it in my blog a little more!


  2. beautiful image! “Like the human mind, they are so intricate and fragile.””.. can’t agree more to this. Photography is indeed a good way of expressing and it’s a great outlet for emotional burdens.


  3. WOW, not much more I can say for this image or the words that accompany it. Stunning doesn’t even touch them.
    I’ve noticed Ian’s work before and he has a true gift. Thank him for sharing!


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