Photo taken by Jessy from the UK who has struggled with severe depression. She has been taking photos since she was a child in Zambia. She is currently working on a project called Unmasked to fight mental illness stigma. She invites people to photograph themselves unmasked with a sign stating their mental health information.

About this photo: “I was inspired to start this project after my experiences struggling with depression and had to find a way to take my ‘Mask’ off to the world. For so many years I have kept so much hidden from my family, my community and worst of all, myself. Having the courage to ‘come out’ has given me the strength to listen to myself and start healing properly.

Mental health is something that is not talked about but does need to be addressed. So many people suffer from some form of mental illness and as a community, as caring human beings, we need to listen to each other and help each other.

The more of us that ‘come out’ and take our masks off, the less taboo the subject will be, the more people we will educate and help them realise we are simply normal people who are ill. It doesn’t stop us being who we are but in fact has a big part in shaping who we are and how we think. You can find or submit to Unmasked on Facebook or the Blog.”


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7 thoughts on “Unmasked

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  1. Checked out the FB page…great way to let people actually see that those of us with mental illness can still smile and survive through it 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on Fixing Mommy and commented:
    I love this idea. One of the main motivation behind starting a blog sites of my own was the stigma that surrounds Post Partum Mood Disorders. I truly believe that a good part of my fall into the abyss was caused by the perception that I had about who I was supposed to be as a business person and a mom and the fear of becoming “that person” with mental illness.

    I spent a ton of time and energy hiding my pain. What I really should have been spending my energy on was healing myself.

    Of course today I am in get well mode so there’s no pictures being taken of me. I promise mine will soon be posted.


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