Yesterday When I Was Young

Photo taken by Tiger Lillies, a 48-year-old woman from Ontario who suffers from deep depression, psychosis, and agoraphobia, all while raising her 2 young grandchildren. Her grandchildren, as well as her recent love of photography, have become her saviours and kept her from succumbing to the negative temptations that regularly haunt her. She has tried to commit suicide several times in the past, but thankfully is still with us. Her hopes are to get past her illness, as well as glaucoma, and become a professional photographer.

About this photo: “My mind traveled back in time as I watched my little girl walking with 2 of her close friends. My hope for the day spent with the girls, was that my little one, years down the road, would think of this special day. Although I spend most of my days reliving places and situations in my life, there is always one or two memories that I do not alter. They have a special place in my heart. With being ill, it is very difficult to find the energy to keep up with a now 6-year-old and 4-year-old. I have decided now that the Dr.’s say they can “fix” me, I promise to give these little angels more special days, rather than days of just being.


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