We All Could Use A Hug

Photo taken by a mother who primarily struggles with depression, but also deals with increasing social anxiety and panic attacks.

About this photo: “My depression has left me homebound majority of the time. Leaving feels impossible most days, but I have a toddler, so I have to force myself out whenever possible, even if it means medicating and isolating. On the plus side, it is so wonderful to see her out and about. She is so bright and effervescent. So friendly with kids often three times her age. Witnessing moments like this, my little one hugging another little girl, I find to be so beautiful and inspiring. It definitely makes me want to be able to get out more, reconnect with people who the depression made me push away, and definitely makes me want a hug!”

I think we all need a good hug once in a while. : )


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13 thoughts on “We All Could Use A Hug

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  1. People who suffer from Depression know how bad the day to day struggles can be. How simply things like just getting out of bed are a fight. I really liked this entry a lot. It made me remind myself I am not alone.


  2. The worst feeling is feeling like you’ve pushed everyone away, and that there’s no one out there who wants to give you a hug, but the best is when someone sees past it and gives you one. I send you all an internet hug.


  3. This post and this lovely photo, so sweet!, reminded me of these songs here. I hope that you enjoy them, and that they will put a smile onto all of your faces:


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