Offering Support

Photo taken by Yessenia, a teenager who has watched friends struggle with depression and anxiety. Photography is one of her passions.

About this photo: This photograph is my own self-portrait. In this photo I wanted to show happiness and grace. I’ve watched friends live through depression and anxiety. They’re my inspiration to live my life to the fullest. They’ve worked through their problems by finding their passions and motivation to get better. To the best of my ability, I have been there for them by offering support and guidance.


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3 thoughts on “Offering Support

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  1. U R beautiful. Try looking at my blog, i used to suffer from chronic depression and i wrote a book that brought me out of it. blog is BradStanton dot com.. I normally don’t put links to my blog like this, but i think it will help some people so i will this time.


  2. Thank you for the opportunity to see your photographs and read your stories. It would seem that photography would be very healing. It is such a personal pleasure and so emotionally rewarding. I have a friend who suffers from mental illness who might really benefit from your blog. I wish each of you the best.


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