Glimmer of Hope

Photo taken by Stephanie from Knoxville, TN. She has struggled with depression and anxiety since childhood, as well as PTSD.

About this photo: Depression is very much like being lost at sea, hopeless, alone, dark, painful, and exhausting.  You fight with everything in you to keep afloat with no sight of relief ahead, you feel all there is left to do is give up, let the water take over you and sink to the darkest depths, maybe there you can find freedom. 

The truth is, you are strong enough to fight this, there is hope, just beyond that wave there is land.  It’s a daily battle some days a minute to minute battle, keep fighting, you are strong enough to make it!  I have been fighting depression and anxiety for over 20 years and I am only 32.  I have been in therapy since I was a child and yesterday for the first time, with a new counselor I saw a light, a glimmer of hope that one day soon this pain will be only a memory.  I was diagnosed with PTSD from a childhood of abuse, now that I know what the effect of the abuse is, I can dig deeper and attack the root.  I want to encourage you to fight, never give up and know that you are strong enough to overcome!  Be blessed.

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4 thoughts on “Glimmer of Hope

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  1. You have explained depression perfectly. I’m so very glad that you have found a glimmer of hope. To many that isn’t much, but to us that suffer from this…a glimmer is huge.
    Thank you very much for your encouraging message. The past 2 days have been awful and tomorrow I’ll be able to do nothing. Honestly typing this message is exhausting me..but wanted to say that I’m happy for you. You can do this!!!


    1. I am so very sorry you are struggling, I understand what you are going though and I hope and pray you get a break from the storm. You can do this as well, you are strong! Keep pushing forward!


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