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Freedom from Struggles

Photo taken by a woman who is afflicted with a severe mood disorder, chronic depression and anxiety.

About this photo: I was on a family vacation to the beach recently. At the end of the street where we were staying was a bay with a perfect view of the sunset. I had been suffering from severe depression and anxiety, and being around so many people all the time didn’t help, so I took the sunset as my opportunity to be alone with my thoughts and my camera, away from the chaos. I captured this photo the first night I went out. The birds were hovering because someone had thrown bread into the water. I think the birds made the shot and my night. For me, they symbolize freedom from my illness and personal struggles.

*Special thanks to PhotoLord for selecting this as their winning photo of the day.

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4 comments on “Freedom from Struggles

  1. allthingsboys
    July 27, 2012



  2. summerfield84
    July 27, 2012

    Gorgeous !


  3. Imelda
    July 30, 2012



  4. tonyahines
    August 5, 2012

    I too suffer from depression and anxiety and know how therapeutic the camera can be. Nice shot and thanks for stopping by to ‘like’ my Clouds too : )


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