Dilapidated Beauty, Guatemala

Photo taken by Thirdeyemom, who experienced severe postpartum depression after the birth of her first child. It was a terrifying, isolating experience for her, which included terrible insomnia and hallucinations. Thankfully with the help of doctors and family, one week after her son’s first birthday she was able to board a plane to South Africa, resuming her love of travel. Through traveling, writing, and photography she began to see the beauty of the world again.

About this photo: I have always had a fascination with dilapidated buildings. I found many amazing buildings in various states of disrepair during my recent trip to Guatemala. I was staying in Xela and studying Spanish for a week. I find these kinds of trips to be the challenge that I need.  Difficult, exhilarating and soul-searching.  After my classes, I enjoyed wandering the old streets of Xela and snapping pictures of the old, colorful buildings. I adored the crazy bursts of bouganvillas and other flowering plants coming out of the old rooftops of the buildings. I also loved the history of each building for if you looked closely, you could see the layers of paint colors and imagine what the building used to be like throughout time. After all the years and everything these buildings have been through and seen, they were still standing beautifully and proud. 

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16 thoughts on “Dilapidated Beauty, Guatemala

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    1. Thank you! I agree wholeheartedly. I took a ton of pictures of these buildings while I was there, admiring the layers of paint and the trees bursting out the tops. Some people would think these buildings should be torn down, but I found a lot of heart and soul in them. Thanks for commenting!


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