Fighting Insecurities

Photo taken by Jennifer Hopkins, who suffers from depression and anxiety. She also cares for her husband who is bipolar. They live in Greater Manchester, UK. Past work here.

About these photos: I’m rarely in front of the camera. I have so many insecurities about myself and I pick away at those flaws constantly or just totally ignore the photos afterwards. Yesterday, I was doing portraits of my family, so I figured I would be brave and try a couple of self-portraits. I only intended to do two or three, but then my husband hijacked the set up and unplugged my remote and started snapping away. It was very surprisingly fun and I ended up laughing a lot… more than I’ve done for a while. It feels like a positive step – there was no way I’d have got in front of the camera earlier in the year. I guess the medication is more well balanced now, which is proving to be a good thing.

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5 thoughts on “Fighting Insecurities

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  1. I am also very hesitant to have myself in photos, so it looks like this is a huge step for you – CONGRATS and keep running in that direction girl!!! Beautiful photos! Much love.


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