We’re up! New Blog/Community For Photographers with Mental Illness (born today on Self-Injury Awareness Day)

We could not have asked for a more appropriate day to debut our online gallery, The Broken Light Collective. It is a photography group by and for people living with, or close to, mental illness. We invite anyone who has dealt with any level of depression, anxiety, bipolar, autism, BPD, OCD, AD/HD, PTSD, and any other mental illness or condition such as eating disorders or substance abuse, to create and share. Photographers of all skill levels are welcome to submit, from iPhoneographers to professionals.

On this, Self-Injury Awareness Day, we know that there is very little that can help in injurious moments, but have found that during some of the lowest times, focusing elsewhere for even a few minutes, on something like taking photographs, can actually help (in addition to professional help and medication). Please give it a chance. Even one moment of “photograph, don’t harm” can make a huge difference, and we will be happy to share your success photos. It is our challenge to you for March, or if that is too long term, then tonight, and each night individually.

Welcome to the collective. Please only visit if you want to be a part of a loving, warm, and supportive community. No haters please. Looking forward to taking this journey together.

About this photo: “This photograph was taken during a mixed depressed and hypomanic state, with a headache on top. The words on the arms were from a newly discovered old journal, placed in a common injurious place.” 


**Visit Broken Light’s main gallery here. Currently accepting submissions.

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9 thoughts on “We’re up! New Blog/Community For Photographers with Mental Illness (born today on Self-Injury Awareness Day)

Add yours

  1. I am looking forward to this blog. I identify with you. I have suffered for many years with anxiety and depression, with fear. I have recieved healing yet know that I stand on the brink.


  2. yea! I love this.

    Thank you for creating this space. Photography is a great way to get out of my head. and see the world. I’m excited.



  3. I am grateful to be a part of this community. It is refreshing to be able to share my photographs (and pain) in a non-judgmental atmosphere. I believe this blog is God-inspired as it is for edification and encouragement among other God-inspired behaviors, the foremost one being love.


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