Our Place Among the Clouds

Photo taken by contributor Kyle Anderson, a man from Saskatchewan, Canada. Kyle is a 41-year-old health care professional who has battled depression and addiction for most of his life. He escapes by letting the camera become his mind’s eye, and hopes that each photo he takes allows others to see the world as he sees... Continue Reading →


Photo taken by contributor Jennifer, a 23-year-old photographer out of Jacksonville, Florida, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Jennifer’s photography is influenced by her PTSD, and anxiety in general. Her work tends to center on the themes of longing, nostalgia, and occasionally hope. She especially enjoys creating and photographing miniature scenes. While art has always been her passion, since developing PTSD,... Continue Reading →


Photo taken by a 30+ year-old photographer who is not working much because of bipolar depression, but trying to keep shooting for the joy and healing it brings. About this photo: "This photograph is comprised of two images that I shot at different times, during different mood states. I shot the image of the woman... Continue Reading →

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