Photo taken by contributor Fleur Alston, a 42-year-old mother attempting to document her family through photography. One of her children suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. It makes her feel helpless as a parent to see her daughter suffer from very low self-esteem brought on by a severe bout of bullying she encountered when she... Continue Reading →

A Mother’s Touch

Photo taken by contributor Danielle, a woman with severe depression and anxiety attacks. About this photo: "This is a shot I took of my mother and my daughter at the beach together. Grandmother and granddaughter, hand in hand. So much of the time I feel like a terrible mother and daughter because of my illness.... Continue Reading →

Matching Chucks {For Mom’s Day}

Photo taken by Cathy Fiebelkorn of NJ. A friend of mine battles anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts but says that motherhood has bound her to this earth, and there is no way she would abandon her children.  To me, this photo is about the light that little ones bring to our lives.  These are actually... Continue Reading →

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