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Catching Up On Dreams

Photo taken by contributor Jeanette Clawson, a woman who has suffered from depression for more than 30 years, and anxiety for the last 15. Due to her mental health challenges, as well as other health problems, Jeanette has had to leave her job as a school psychologist and apply for disability. Both of Jeanette’s sons have significant mental health challenges as well. Jeanette keeps a gratitude journal and takes pictures, which has become a passion of hers. The journal and all of her art helps her to focus on a desire to thrive, not just survive.

About this photo: “This photo was taken during my younger son’s recent visit home from college. We were both really struggling with depression and that kept him up at night. As a consequence, I was kept up and my migraines got worse. All of this led to some significant arguments. In order to take care of myself and not do irreparable harm to our relationship, I went to stay with a friend at Reconnect Spiritual Sanctuary. It is a meditation and shamanistic healing center located just outside our small town. I took this photo of a dream catcher and some frost on a super cold, but beautiful winter day.”

Find more from Jeanette at her blog.


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4 comments on “Catching Up On Dreams

  1. VE
    January 19, 2016

    Beautiful capture!

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  2. Rajiv
    January 19, 2016


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  3. bluebrightly
    January 19, 2016

    I love the photo, and I’m glad you’re able to access the healing center resource. I hope one day you are without depression (or at least it’s much milder!) and migraines, and your sons also get some relief.

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