Amongst The Rubble

Photo taken by contributor Jim, a man from Texas who has struggled with depression for much of his life.

About this photo:

“Standing (or sitting) amongst the chaos. Be the red chair.

There is an old deserted church in our neighborhood, Pleasant Grove Baptist. It has a castle-like, crumbling exterior. I had been building the nerve to take a peak inside. 

Amidst the rubble, trash, and decay, sat this beautiful red chair where the altar had once been. I listened to hear the stories it could bear witness to, but all I heard was the need to be like the red chair. To sit amongst the rubble. To stand firm and retain your form even when it all seems to be falling apart.”

More from Jim at his website.


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23 thoughts on “Amongst The Rubble

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  1. To all…….I walked by this same church early yesterday morning and it was nothing but a pile of rubble. Three workers and two big bulldozers leaned on pick-ups discussing how easy it came down. I so wanted to ask, but what about the red chair, but I didn’t want to ask such a strange question, or didn’t have the nerve to.
    It was an eerie feeling and a couple more lessons in life:
    1. Never, ever walk by an opportunity and not stop to take advantage of it. NEVER
    2. Always know how quickly it can all come tumbling down.

    en theos….jim


  2. Just saw your comment above – you’re so right – even the light changes as I walk through the forest, and I think to myself that if I see an image I want to record, now’s the time! There may not be a later, and if there is, it WILL be different…


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