Please say a warm hello to first-time contributor Karina Barszewski Churchill, a 38-year-old aspiring novelist and amateur photographer. Karina has bipolar and generalized anxiety disorder, diagnosed in 1999. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College with a concentration in creative writing. She then went on to the University of Buffalo to receive a Masters of Library Science. She is a lover of books and libraries. Unfortunately due to her mental illness she was only able to work as a librarian for a short time before going on SSD. She married a wonderful man in 2003 and they now share a house with Mojo (a Maine Coon Cat) and her best friend, Indiana (a Shetland Sheepdog with one blue eye and one brown eye).

About this photo: “‘Bridge’ was taken at the end of my professional career as a librarian, when bipolar depression had begun to engulf my mind again. This particular depression with bouts of anxiety and migraines would last four years and change, getting much worse (after this photograph was taken) before it got better. I never thought crossing this bridge –  from faking a professional persona to becoming myself, a whole person with artistic aspirations and a lovely family, would be so treacherous and take so long. But as this photograph foreshadows, I made it back into the light, glowing with the gift of life..”


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17 thoughts on “Bridge

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  1. There is something quite mystical about this photo. It doesn’t look to be of this era, more like something from Middle-Earth. The trees are very dominant but in a subtle way, with the bridge, only a small portion of it visible, shaping the trees with it’s size and placement.


  2. Karina,
    I love the composition and aura of your photograph. It reminds me of a passage to a new life. And this you have succeeded in transitioning to, after the long,crushing battle with bi-polar illness. I hope the road ahead is easier for you. Keep writing. I’d love to read your first novel when it comes out.


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