Stolen Soul

Please welcome first-time contributor Daniel, a 48-year-old man of Puerto Rican decent who currently lives in Burlington, New Jersey. He was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and insomnia in 2007, but had been suffering for at least 10 yrs before that. Photography has been his primary method of coping since he was a teen. He feels that the photos he takes have meaning and help him on his journey.

About this photo: “This particular photo is a representation of sorts, of how tribes used to believe that they would lose their soul/spirt if their photo was taken. It also represents for me, those moments when the voices start talking and I am trying to at least control them.


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8 thoughts on “Stolen Soul

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  1. It takes a good photographer’s eye to communicate in one image what could be described in a photograph. I love this self portrait. I was more drawn to the Nikon & trying to find out the model #. I had to look for the face after reading the comment. I very much like this photo. I can see what I think is both pain & determination on your face. God Bless & keep contributing.


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