Please welcome first-time contributor Menolly, a 24-year-old woman from Salt Lake City, UT. She has battled anxiety and depression for most of her life. About 5 years ago, she experienced a severe episode that made it hard to do anything, from buying groceries to going to school. After going back  on medication, things slowly started getting better, and when she married the love of her life, things improved at a much faster rate. He encouraged her to keep going to doctors and therapists to find a solution. Her anxiety still kicks in at times when she has to go to work or school, but she is mostly depression-free. She feels grateful in a way for the trials she was given, because she believes it has made her a better person, and enabled her to enjoy the good in life better than most. She urges others with similar struggles to keep fighting, and to get professional help as needed. She wants people to know that there is nothing to be ashamed of; overcoming mental illness is one of the greatest accomplishments there is.

About this photo: “One day I was on a walk and noticed this rotten log. As I looked closer I saw this tiny plant growing out of it. It reminded me of my experience with depression, how I felt that I was worthless and without hope, but out of it I have been reborn better than before.

Find more from Menolly at her blog.


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  1. Well done and great message. It reflects your description and how you’re able to see the good in life now because where there was a rotten log you saw this small almost insignificant growth. I like how the wet texture increases the contrast in color. The duplicity in this is nice; rainy days can reflect depression and yet rain makes everything grow!



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