In Fields of Gold

Photo taken by contributor Fleur Alston, a 42-year-old mother attempting to document her family through photography. One of her children suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. It makes her feel helpless as a parent to see her daughter suffer from very low self-esteem brought on by a severe bout of bullying she encountered when she was younger. Fleur wants to help her children see how beautiful they are through her photography.

About this photo: “This image of Oscar was inspired literally by the colour of the wheat and his hair. I wanted to make a connection between him and the landscape around him. There are a few photographs from this series but this to me is the most ambiguous, hopefully leaving the viewer to interpret it as they will, which is often a method I use in my practice. I like to pose questions rather than give answers, in this way the work is less documentation and perhaps more open to personal narratives, it means something to me but may mean something else entirely different to you.”


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19 thoughts on “In Fields of Gold

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  1. Beautiful photograph. Thank you for sharing. In our interviews of parents of adult children who live with serious mental illness (for our project, Behind The Wall), it is often the case that a parent feels helpless. But there is hope, especially with supportive loved ones and effective treatment.

    Thank you for this post!


  2. Beautiful picture emanating from a sad theme, but the result has even greater impact with the revelation of the cause. It takes courage to reveal one’s innermost secrets: this sounds like a wonderful mother; may she and her child gain strength and mutual happiness.


  3. wonderful photo. So sorry about the anxiety and panic brought about by bullying. My younger son has PTSD from being hit by a car as a pedestrian but we moved 18 months ago and although that end of it calmed down there was an ijncrease in issues due to bullying so I totally understand the pain you are feeling watching your child go thru this.


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