Photos taken by contributor C. A woman in her thirties who suffers from clinical depression and anxiety. The severity of her suffering goes up and down. Sometimes she can do so much, while other times she gets paralyzed by her dark thoughts. Even though she is not at her worst, each day is still a struggle.

About these photos: “I live in a picturesque suburban town. Everything is beautiful, perfect and in it’s place. One day I was walking through the park and went to sit in a gazebo surrounded by rose bushes for a moment of quiet. I was shocked to find graffiti inside the gazebo posts. The words were so dark and twisted, contrasting the beautiful location like the thorns on the nearby rose bushes. At first I felt angry that someone had tarnished my sanctuary of peace, and then I started reading the notes and I just felt sad for the person who had written them, and then sad for myself. He or she was reaching out. They must be hurting inside as I hurt. I wish I could reply, ‘No, you are not the only one.’ I hope they find help. I hope they feel better soon, and that I feel better soon too.” 


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  1. At least 3, maybe 4 (or more?) of those are Doctor Who quotes. I don’t mean to take away from the meaning of C’s post, nor do I know what was going on inside the head of the person responsible for the graffiti, but I thought I should point this out. Doctor Who explores some dark themes, but in context the quotes pictured here have to do with escaping from (or, in one case, the defeat of) terrifying, very powerful monsters. It might not be easy to see, but there is at least room for hope.


  2. When I saw the signs (in your photos) it brought me back to something completely different. I lived in Northern NJ. I went to the dr in Manhattan. The week after the Sept 11th bombings I had an appointment. I got into the city and parked my car. As I walked up the street all I could see everywhere where signs tacked up everywhere with photos asking ‘have you seen me?’ in the hopes of locating missing family and friends. I couldn’t stop crying all the way to the office. It is sad that there was graffiti in your beautiful place but at I can see as you did the tortured pain locked inside. At least that gazebo brought the feeling of the ability to open up and let out some of that pain even if just for a few moments.


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