Misty Morning

Photo taken by Lisa Day, a woman who lives with anxiety disorder, PTSD, depressive disorder and mild bipolar. She recalls being ‘melancholy’ for most of her life, but things progressively got worse until she felt suicide was her only solution. The very night she planned her "great escape" she was contacted by the father of a friend... Continue Reading →

A Curious Self

Photo taken by The Happy Mango, a 28-year-old woman from Copenhagen. She was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder two years ago, which has meant a lot of soul searching, practice in self awareness and endless medicine adjustments - all of which made her get even worse before she got better. But the past couple of months she has actually... Continue Reading →


Photo taken by Bipolar On Fire, a woman in her 40’s who lives and works in Boulder, Colorado. She has Bipolar Disorder and Depression, as well as Fibromyalgia. It is a great struggle for her to work full-time and has been for a while. She works as a System Administrator, but will hopefully be leaving the... Continue Reading →

Torn Apart

Photo taken by Page, a teenager from Columbus, Ohio, who has used music and art to help her navigate through mental illness. At just 17, Page has already been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, major depression, and panic disorder. She has had three suicide attempts and has self harmed for over four years. She still struggles every day... Continue Reading →

Explosion of Emotion

Photo taken by Janna, who has suffered from panic attacks for the last year that have left her shaken and insecure. However, through her anxiety she has met some really nice people who have similar conditions and this has really helped her in realizing that she is not alone. It allowed her to understand her situation and... Continue Reading →


Photos taken by a woman with recurrent clinical depression. She also suffers from insomnia and at times hypomania. She is trying to work her way out of a severe episode. About these photos: "I like to create photographs using unexpected sources of light, especially when I can't sleep and don't want to wake my family... Continue Reading →


Photo taken by a woman in her thirties who suffers from a bipolar illness. As is the case with bipolar, her moods are erratic. Generally down, but sometimes up. It makes working and living a normal life difficult. About this photo: “This photograph was taken at a luau in Hawaii. I love fire but am also scared... Continue Reading →

Smell the Flowers

Photos taken by Bipolar On Fire. In her words: “I am in my 40’s and I live and work in outlandishly beautiful Boulder, Colorado.  I have Bipolar Disorder and Depression, as well as Fibromyalgia.  It is a great struggle for me to work full-time and it has been for a long time.  I work as a... Continue Reading →

Cross Processed Self-Portrait; Korea

Photo taken by PJ Brez, a 28-year-old man who lives in the South Korean countryside. He has experienced depression, loneliness, homesickness, and feelings of isolation. He teaches English conversation at a university in Korea, but photography is his passion. In his words: "I’ve been living in Korea for about four years. At first it was really exciting to... Continue Reading →

Catalina Sunrise

Photo taken by Lisa Day. In her words: "I am a blogger but I am also a person that is fighting for her life with anxiety disorder, PTSD, depressive disorder and mild bipolar. I feel I have been 'melancholy' most of my life but as things in my life became more difficult I turned to many... Continue Reading →

Confidence in a Pill

Photo taken by Katie Mc Dougall, a student photographer in Ireland who has suffered from Social Anxiety since she was 15. She was diagnosed almost 4 years ago and has been on medication since. Katie is using photography as a means to raise awareness and help understand SA herself. It has driven her to create a blog dedicated to SA, her thoughts,... Continue Reading →

Multiple Personalities

Photos taken by Quantumphysica. In her words: "Last year was a hectic time for me, I got incarcerated (twice) and have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, malignant narcissism and mild DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder). The schizophrenia is most likely a hereditary condition, as there are more cases on my mother's side of the... Continue Reading →


Photo taken in Massachusetts by a woman with Major Depressive Disorder. She also has agoraphobic tendencies, but is determined to get out more in 2013. About this photo: "This photograph was taken several years ago in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I was there for a winter wedding. It was beautiful, but my favorite part was bundling up... Continue Reading →

Constructing a Better Life

Photo taken by a woman who has suffered from depression, anxiety and panic disorder for many years. It has affected her whole life and family. She is trying to fight through it by working with doctors, using medication as needed, and immersing herself in her photography. About this photo: "After my husband and I moved into... Continue Reading →

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