I’m. In. Together.

Photo taken by Mira from the midwest; a Registered Art Therapist and Certified Life, Youth & Family Coach. She is 58 years old and struggling with something she calls a "shadow" Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality). . About this photo: I don't have fully-formed separate personalities, but like the two birch trees... Continue Reading →


Photo taken by a woman who suffers from depression and anxiety. About this photo: It was a very special moment when I got my childhood nanny and daughter together for the first time.  Weekly photo challenge: Close

Start Spreading the News

Photo taken by D. from N.J. who struggles with anxiety and bipolar II. About this photo: New York City as viewed from across the Hudson River. The city seems calm, almost peaceful when viewed from afar, just like many people who suffer from anxiety disorders. **Submit photos to Broken Light here. **We’re now on Facebook & Twitter! Like us for... Continue Reading →

Consumed by Nature

Photo taken by J.K., 27 years old, of Sacramento, California. She suffers from depression and anxiety. About this photo: On a busy Midtown street stands a house neglected. It's beautiful and intricate workings left to be consumed by the forces of nature. **Submit photos to Broken Light here. **We’re now on Facebook & Twitter! Like us for additional work, announcements, links,... Continue Reading →

The Dark Angel

Photo taken by D.C. from N.Y. About this photo: It's no secret that when depression takes hold, thoughts of death and dying and the nature of being may not be far behind. I'm having one of those weeks. I am not suicidal, just preoccupied with death. Thoughts about being dead, funerals, etc. Given that there... Continue Reading →

Eastern State Penitentiary

Photo taken by Cathy Fiebelkorn of NJ.  Although I do not have a mental illness, my life has been touched by people who cope with various forms of it. Whether they be relatives, friends, co-workers, the middle school students I teach, or the unknown readers of this blog, I care deeply about understanding and supporting... Continue Reading →

Chained Up

Taken by a women in NYC who suffers from depression and anxiety. About this photo: I was walking around downtown, shooting as I went. I saw this moment and was drawn to the rough textures, and both the beauty and decay of the gate. Sometimes I feel like that gate, decaying within the firm hold... Continue Reading →

Because They Smile

Photos taken by "Ms. Anthropic" at Progressively Postnatal, who has struggled with mental illness as far back as her memories can reach. She is 27 years old, and has lived in Indiana all of her life. About these photos: I am an English major with a concentration in Creative Writing, and I have been a volunteer with the National... Continue Reading →

Destructive Mind

Photo taken by Raven Adams, 26, of model Kimberly Magness in New York. About this photo: This was taken to display someone who believes they are toxic to the world and depressed. The best part in this photo is the fear in her eyes, you can just see it. **Submit photos to Broken Light here. **We’re now on Facebook & Twitter!... Continue Reading →

Ugly Cry

Photos taken by Chris Fitzgerald, a fashion and fine art photographer in Los Angeles who has struggled with depression and anxiety since childhood. About this photo: While it is something I've come to learn how to deal with over the years, there are still times when it proves to be a formidable opponent.  Last year,... Continue Reading →

La Bailarina

Photo taken by Paz, who struggles with depression. She was diagnosed with bipolar II in 2008, but a year ago got a more accurate diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. More about her history here, which includes drugs and a brittle bone condition. She writes and edits video and does other photo-related freelance work such as photo resaturation when... Continue Reading →

A Fragile Balance

Photo taken by a 40+ year old clinical psychologist, who struggles with mental illness (bipolar II disorder and ADD) and treats people with a full range of psychological and psychiatric problems. She found this egg on her office window sill this morning. About this photo: I've been in a good place for a while, thanks to my... Continue Reading →

The Tunnel

Photo taken by a woman with long term depression and anxiety. About this photo: Most of the time I find it hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel just feels like a dark and creepy place to be. But I try to push myself to keep going, and take... Continue Reading →

Decaying Within

Taken by a woman, depressed in Hoboken, NJ. About this photo: If you can imagine, from the front, this building looks totally normal, but if you look at it from behind, you can see that it is rusted, decayed, and ready to fall apart. I think mental illness can cause people to become like this... Continue Reading →


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