Photo taken by Rhonda in Southern USA, whose daughter has been suffering from major mental health issues. My adult daughter recently suffered a psychotic event, nervous breakdown, bipolar tendencies, ocd, panic and anxiety disorder (these are just some of the possibilities, we really don't know which yet is causing her erratic behavior).  She has been hospitalized twice in... Continue Reading →

Fleeting Moments

Photo taken by a mother with depression on Long Beach Island, NJ. About this photo: Being a mother is challenging. Being a mother with severe depression feels nearly impossible. I want to hold on to every moment and focus on this beautiful baby girl I created, but the depression seems to keep taking over, and... Continue Reading →

Psycho Bunny

Photo taken by Marlena Rivers, a bipolar woman in her early 40s, living in New York City. . About this photo: I've been living with Bipolar 1 for over 20 years. As a mother now, I am dedicated to staying stable to the best of my efforts. This bunny was a big part of my most... Continue Reading →

Mood Swinging

Photo taken by a Bipolar woman who works in the Mental Health field. About this photo: I was drawn to seeing this family flying back and forth in the air. It felt familiar since I am going through major swings of mood myself, working with my doctors on getting things balanced out. **Submit photos to Broken... Continue Reading →


Photo taken by a 30-something woman diagnosed with bipolar and depression among other things. About this photo: I feel under water at the moment. Overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety. Pounded with terrible headaches nightly. I felt like I was doing better, but now I feel like I am losing control. I hope things calm down... Continue Reading →

A Mermaid Tale

Photos taken by a 40+ year old woman diagnosed with Bipolar II and ADD. About these photos: I photographed the Mermaid Parade this past weekend at Coney Island, even though a few of my medicines are “off” and I was feeling kind of dizzy, confused and agitated in the hot sun.  It was a day of... Continue Reading →

Around the Lake

Photo taken by Thirdeyemom, a survivor of severe postpartum depression. She used travel, writing, and photography, in addition to professional help, to fight her way out of the darkness. See more of her inspiring story here. About this photo: I have spent my life always living very close to a lake.  Growing up in Minnesota, it is pretty... Continue Reading →

Not Really Here

Photo by Anna Z. Kendall, who wrote a book of poems about her abusive ex husband. It's called Sex, Porn & Hotel Rooms: Poems From A Marriage.  He was not only abusive, but near the end of the marriage became a full fledged sex addict.  The book is still available here and there.  Anna never promoted... Continue Reading →


Photo taken by a woman who suffers from bipolar II. About this photo: This elaborate castle was created by several people working together on Long Beach Island. It represents fun and youthful exuberance, as well as perhaps the impermanence of it all. Weekly photo challenge: Create **Submit photos to Broken Light here. If you’ve ever felt depression... Continue Reading →

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