A Thousand Words

Photo taken by Anonymous 24, in Honolulu, Hawaii. She will be receiving her BA in art history and computer science in 2013, after walking away from being a studio arts major. Her encounter with adversities caused her to lose faith in the world, leaving her discouraged and depressed. However, she remains determined to make things better. About... Continue Reading →

Moving Free

Photo taken by Raven Adams, 26, of model Lillian Concepcion in New York. About this photo: This photo was taken of Lillian who is a choreographer/dancer. We decided on Coney Island because she grew up in the area. We wanted to capture an image of her that would express where she came from and her passion. The love... Continue Reading →

Sweet Slumber

Photo taken by Joan Currie from San Francisco, California, USA, of Lauren DiMarco. About this photo: When my husband was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis he sank into a deep depression and decided that life was not worth living. I awoke each morning filled with dread that, perhaps in the night, he had executed one of... Continue Reading →

Nobody’s Perfect

Photo taken by Halfwaybetweenthegutter, 27, living on the coast in the UK. She is very familar with diagoses and the failings of her mental health system. Dignosed with borderline personality disorder, severe anxiety disorder and clinical depression. She spends her time writing and trying to craft a somewhat normal life after years of struggling. About this photo:... Continue Reading →

Rainey’s Eyes

Photo taken by Rainey, who suffers from depression. About this photo: I often stare into my own eyes, looking for the depression that I feel deep in my soul. It seems as though you should be able to see it as clearly as you can see the color of my eyes. **Submit photos here. **We’re now on Facebook & Twitter! Please... Continue Reading →

The Streaking Hare

Photos by Lauren Turton, from Dayton, Ohio who has recently moved to San Diego, California. Lauren experienced deep anxiety after returning to school at 25 to pursue her passion for photography and art. Having her life turned upside down proved to be too much. With the help of medication, being open with people, and breathing techniques... Continue Reading →

Not to Full Capacity

Photo taken by Jill, 38, from Boston. I took these within an hour of returning home from my first hospitalization. I wanted to document how I looked, whether I would ever look like my real self again. Except, as it turned out, this is my real self. I woke up one winter morning, one year... Continue Reading →

Who I Am

Photo taken by Miz Roket, 36, in Norway. I figured out that I've been depressed since I was 11. It wasn't until my late 20s I got the diagnosis seasonal depression. I've tried therapy but to be honest that didn't help a bit. The therapists (several of them yes) didn't know how to ask the right questions. And they... Continue Reading →

Fighting Insecurities

Photo taken by Jennifer Hopkins, who suffers from depression and anxiety. She also cares for her husband who is bipolar. They live in Greater Manchester, UK. Past work here. About these photos: I'm rarely in front of the camera. I have so many insecurities about myself and I pick away at those flaws constantly or just totally ignore... Continue Reading →

Masquerade; Self

Photo taken by Stephanie Cook, of Knoxville, TN. She has suffered from anxiety and depression for many years. Depression and anxiety have been dark acquaintances of mine since I was a child.  I have always felt like the one on the outside looking in at the world, hiding myself away from the hurt and pain, not... Continue Reading →

Dancing in the Forrest

Photo taken by Reverine, 21, living in the UK. She has dealt with depression in the past and has people close to her suffering. About this photo: A few years ago I used to be depressed a lot and would often escape into fantasy worlds of stories and imagination, things that helped to shape my creative vision.... Continue Reading →


Photo taken by Brooke, 33, from Florida, who suffers from depression. About this photo: I suffered from depression ever since my mother died of complications with multiple sclerosis over 16 years ago.  The pain of losing my mother at 17 was both physically and mentally difficult.  Even as I type, I'm still greatly affected from... Continue Reading →

Look At Me Now

Photo taken by Nellie, 22, in Duluth Minnesota, who suffered from depression. I am someone who keeps to myself; My problems, my worries. I don't tell anyone anything that's bothering me because I don't want to be a burden to my friends. My friends are my family. Which I know doesn't help with problem solving,... Continue Reading →


About this photo: I have found that Henna can be a beautiful thing in the darkness of depression. It is used to dye skin, or nails, or hair in unique and beautiful ways. There is something sacred about the process of having it painted upon your skin by the hands of a skilled artist. It is... Continue Reading →

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